Lion + Rose Social Club Podcast


EPISODE ONE: Welcome to the Social Club!

Introduction to the couple behind the Lion + Rose Social Club. What is the Social Club? We briefly touch on our expectations for this podcast and we answer each other’s awkward ice breaker questions.

How do we get in touch with the Lion + Rose? Instagram, Youtube, and our website – Contact Us! We want to hear from you! Listen in on iTunes!

EPISODE TWO: Catching Up & The Office

Lion + Rose catch up on the week, discuss Lion’s 2nd (of 3) birthday celebrations where he was “poisoned,” Rose discusses her poor choices as a college-age girl, and the beginning of a humorous office topic. Be sure to check out our Instagram for a picture of Rose’s TURKEY TATTOO!

EPISODE THREE: Male v. Female Perspective

Lion + Rose dive into the differences between the male and female perspective in common situations. We also discuss giveaways and challenges coming up! Be sure to check us out on Instagram and YouTube for news! Interesting in that NEOH Bar? Don’t forget our promo code, LionandRose for 10% off at AMAZON.

EPISODE FOUR: Lion + Rose Hip Hop Farm and Using Rover! Rose know nothing about Tennis, but hey!

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