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Meet the Lion + Rose

Host: Lion

The Lion

Lion is an IT professional in the web security field. When he is not protecting the world-wide web he is an aspiring entrepreneur with many great ideas and talents! He is a full believer in celebrating life and being grateful for what you have. As a Charleston, SC native, Lion often returns home to be the unofficial Mayor of Charleston. You’ll find him tucked away in a small local bar sipping on a proper cocktail and socializing with a stranger. In his free time, you can find Lion on the golf course, watching futbol, or gathering his family for a meal. His smile is infectious and his charm could get you pregnant.

Host: Rose

The Rose

Rose is a bubble of energy eager to do “all the things.” Her curious spirit lends her to being a Renaissance woman. She works as a corporate professional in the legal field in Washington, DC. Previous to her time in DC, she lived in New England where she has stories for days of her budding years. In her free time she enjoys her sweet dog, Lilly, entertaining her friends, working out, cooking and trying to impact people’s lives one positive influence at a time. She loves flowers, hence her name, and wants a farm someday. She is working on her photography and is starting her own photography side hustle. There isn’t much she cannot do. Rose doesn’t often sit down, but when she does the first place she wants to be is next to the Lion.

Who Are We?

Once upon a time the Lion + Rose were acquaintances running in the same circle of friends. Depending on which of these two you ask, the beginning of their story differs but they both have the same happy never-ending. Lion was living his best life as a handsome bachelor uninterested in being in one place for more than a few days. Rose had heart-eyes and other plans for the Lion. After a summer of tequila shots and Rose’s persist advances, she finally caught the Lion’s tail. Once Lion accepted his fate, he realized Rose was actually his better half and he learned to adore her!  From there we traveled the world, built a business, uplifted friends, set advantageous goals for each other, and planned a forever future. Sure, we talk a little trash but it’s because we want and know you can do better. 

We built an impenetrable relationship out of nothing. Seriously, we were the odd couple people did not understand and we had give explanation at every turn. Every challenge we faced the problem together and came out stronger. We truly believe if we can do this, so can you. We see simple resolutions to complex problems that are not publicly discussed. Are we perfect? Hell No! We have pitfalls just like any relationship and we will discuss those too. But we have a special formula that tees us up for a successful, happy, healthy relationship we feel its only fair to share with the world. 

Que Lion’s entrepreneurial spirit and Rose’s dreams of positively impacting people’s lives… Welcome to Lion + Rose Social Club. Here we will cover all the things, including our special formula which built our relationship, entrepreneurial stories, humorous tales of our failures and triumphs, and social discussions which we hope will inspire you to be your best self. 

Our format is conversational and interactive, our message is positive, our hope is you love it!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Social Club!  

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